All you need to know before our '12 Days of Christmas Sale' begins!

All you need to know before our '12 Days of Christmas Sale' begins!

Angelica Nohra

Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker


For the last 6 years, we've had one sales event that trumps every other sales event of the year. That is our 12 days of Christmas which kicks off on 1st December and obviously runs until the 12th.

Christmas is already a time of year where our decision making goes into overdrive. If we can take one decision off your mind, it would be good for you right? 

Its for precisely this reason we created 12 days of Christmas. Let's face it, it's that one day in the year where the entire family comes over and there is so much pressure to make sure everything is just right... the last thing we need is people judging our wine choices. We know that anything we offer you over this 12 days will have anyone saying "wow" and asking "where did you get this?" 

We have curated a sale that has both gifting ideas and wines for your Christmas table. We know the Aussie summer will be encouraging us to drink a lot of sparkling and rosé and why not? If we can offer you wines that are a little different to what you are used to, its definitely sure to start a conversation! 

It's not just sparkling and rosé though, we also have some deals on your favourite red wines coming up. 

Christmas is also all about gifting and we are offering you a little gift this year too! 

For every purchase over $300, you will receive a 375mL of Champagne Henri Abelé as a gift from us to you! Just enough to share a glass with someone (or drink it on your own before the folks come over ;) ) 

So make sure you have our emails on your 'safe' list so you don't miss a sale. 12 days. 12 deals. Free Gifts and LOTS of happy, smiling customers. 

Happy Christmas Everyone! 


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