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Angelica Nohra

Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker   

Fundraising is tough.

It’s tough to work out what people would actually want to buy.

It’s tough to get creative about what events to throw.

It’s tough to recruit people to help with the fundraising.

...and it’s even more tough to collect the money and reconcile it all against the products that actually went out for sale.

You’ve tried and you’ve tried again. You’ve told yourself selling chocolates and earning a few dollars here and there is just too much work. You’ve told yourself asking people for tickets to an event is too much work.

What if we could help you fund raise in a way that can go viral? We could help you raise money by offering a product that most people want, already buy or know someone who would want to buy?

One day, when sitting in a bottle shop watching hundreds of people buying cases of wines and walking out ready for their weekend, we thought, wouldn’t it be good if we could start wine drives where people could get wine delivered straight to their door and raise money for their favourite club or charity?

Through the beauty of the internet and automation, we started the Wine Drive Fundraising division of our company where we have successfully helped charities, sporting clubs and churches raise money by simply sending out an email for an exclusive, International wine deal, encouraging people to purchase it and receiving an agreed share of the revenue into their accounts. It’s super simple and very successful, see a recent example here! 

Gone are the days of giving out boxes of chocolates hoping the money will actually come back.

Let’s make some real money for your club or charity. Get in touch today!

Here is how to start your fundraiser... It's completely FREE!


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