What is the fuss with Chianti?

Are you aware that Sensi is the number one Chianti seller globally? That is a huge deal considering Chianti is known as the Pride of Tuscany.
Chianti is the most written about, talked about and consumed Italian wine in history. It is the perfect food wine and is an essential to Italian Cuisine. There is a true romance about a tart, spicy, herbaceous Chianti paired with prosciutto or pasta with red sauce. 

Pronounced "Key-Arn-Tea" rather than "Che-anne-tee", An everyday quaffer exhibits red fruit characters, bitter herbs and gamey notes on the palate. In more premium Chiantis, you will taste dried oregano, sour cherry, salami, coffee and tobacco. Delish!
It is made of Sangiovese grapes grown almost anywhere in Tuscany even though the town is only a small region. The truest examples come from Chianti Classico which can be identified by the "gallo nero" or Black Rooster on the label.

Best Food to pair?
Chianti is quite savoury and has high acid and coarse tannin which makes it perfect with food. The acid cuts through fatty, rich dishes and balances tomato sauce based dishes.  Pizza, Pasta, Ragu, Steak...go for it all!

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