6- Pack Bootcamp Balance Pack!
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6- Pack Bootcamp Balance Pack!


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We all know life is about balance... and when you are in isolation with your spouse and kids, sometimes, you need to wine-down...

Did you know Tohu is the only Maori owned winery left in NZ? Thats crazy right? The cool thing is, if you are a part of the blood line, you get shares in the company? They are also about sustainability of land, of culture and of the community. They are all about a hand up, rather than a hand out. 

So, with that said, Direct Wine Cellars is offering our community an insane price on this 6 pack (get it? 6 pack?) to keep you balanced during isolation! 

Want all red or all white? Let us know in the comment section and we will sort it out for you. Just know there are no SWEET wines in this pack..because sugar isn't great for balance.. These are all award winning wines though so Enjoy! 


1 x Tohu Sauv Blanc

1 x Tohu Riesling

1 x Tohu Chardonnay

1 x Tohu Pinot Gris 


1 x Tohu Pinot Noir

1 x Kono Pinot Noir