Andeluna 1300 Torrontes Argentina
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Andeluna 1300 Torrontes Argentina

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Varietal: Torronetes
White flowers, citric and tropical fruits

If you like Sauvignon Blanc, you will love this!

About Andeluna

The state-of-the-art winery is equipped with the most advanced technology imported from France and Italy. It has capacity to produce 1,300,00 bottles per year as well as 1,200 barrels and a maximum storage capacity for 720,000 bottles.

Andeluna 1300 is a wine that clearly breaks away from the rest of its kind, due to both, the intensity of its colours and the expressiveness of the ripe fruit that permeates its flavours. An exalted representative of the New World wines, it has an excellent quality/price ratio. The grapes used to produce these wines come from our vineyards, located 1300 meters above sea level.


The grapes used come from our vineyard situated in Tupungato, Mendoza at over 1300 m.a.s.l. (4300 feet). This region is characterised by it's wide temperature ranges allowing for the production of grapes with very intense colours and flavours. Ideal to elaborate naturally concentrated wines which are suitable for ageing.

Our vineyards are equipped with a drip-irrigation system that allows us to adjust and supply the exact amount of water that plants require. Canopy management is performed in order to obtain a yield of less than 10.000 kg per hectare. Clusters generally carry small-sized berries, and have adequate exposure to the sun in order to preserve the aromatic characteristics.

Chief enologist: Manuel Gonzalez.

Vinification: Berries are selected by hand before vinification. Fermentation by means of selected yeasts in stainless steel tanks at temperatures maintained at around 15°C. Unoaked.

Tasting notes

Light, green colour with silver hues. Aromas of white flowers, citric and tropical fruits. Rue, jasmine and white peach stand out. Fresh attack with an intense finish. Serve at 9°C

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