Sensi "Pretorio" Morellino Di Scansano DOCG
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Sensi "Pretorio" Morellino Di Scansano DOCG

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Vine Variety

Sangiovese 100%, named for the production zone: “Morellino”

Grade of Alcohol

14% Production zone

Produced in the hilly zone of the Grosseto province in the towns of Scansano and partly those of Manciano

Historical Notes

Morellino is one of the most well known Tuscan wines and unites in itself the advantages of the hills from which it comes, with the fragrances that come from the sea. Its production zone was already known by the antique Etruscans and its name is derived from the name of the Sangiovese, changed to Morellino, in honor of the black horses bred and raised in the area.

Terrain Composition

Hilly terrains with altitudes no higher than 600 meters above sea level, made up mainly of sandstone, limestone-marl substrata, clay shale and sand with the presence of galestro pebbles and rocks (called Scheletro in technical terms).

Fermentation & Ageing

From a thorough grape inspection and analysis the best harvest period has been established as being the end of September through the middle of October. The alcohol fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 26/28 °C for 10-12 days of peel maceration using recovery techniques. Once the alcohol fermentation is finished the wine is aged in Stainless steel tanks where the malolactic fermentation takes place and where it is then conserved until bottling.

Sensory Characteristics

Dark ruby red colour and with a full and embracing taste, with traced of red berries, violets and minerals.