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Budweiser Budvar 24pack 330mL

Do you know the Story behind Budweiser?

Budvar is a Czech Lager with historical pedigree. This beer has golden colour, thick white head, a distinct pure malt aroma with a unique and very mild bitterness of medium intensity to create a medium to full flavour.

The tradition of the production of beer in Ceské Budejovice began in 1265 when the Czech King, Pemysl Otakar II. chartered the brewing rights for the town. Over the following centuries, Ceské Budejovice produced high quality beer which, due to it being distinguished from similar products from other areas, was indicated as “Budweiser Bier” (i.e. beer from Ceské Budejovice).

In 1895 the Czech Share Brewery – the legal predecessor of the current brewery Budweiser Budvar officially adopted the indication of the product by the location of its origin and continued in the long term tradition of the production of beer in Ceské Budejovice. From the very beginning of its production activities, the brewery has used in its products the word “Budweiser” and during its trading activity started to register this name as a registered trademark.

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