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3rd oldest house in Reims
100% Chardonnay des Riceys

Discover the "Smile of Reims". Maison Henri Abelé remains intimately linked with Reims' historical heritage. After the First World War, the house made a sustaintial contribution ot the reovation of Reims bombed cathedral, and it particular to one of its most remarkable sculptures, the "Smiling Angel". In recognition of this generosity, Maison Henri Abelé is the only Champagne house with the right to use the name and image of this statue "sourire de Reims", thus became the name of one of the houses' prestige cuveé's. 

The Sourire de Reims Rosé is a tour de force in exclusivity and audacity. It is crafted from a single grape variety and a single terroir: Pinot Noir grapes from Riceys, treated with the utmost care and precision.

These two very special “cuvees” are laid down to mature for several years, only emerging from our historic chalk cellars once they have reached their full aromatic potential, revealing a magnificent array of flavours.

Grape Varieties

100% Pinot Noir des Riceys

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Beautiful salmon-pink colour. Very fine bubbles. 

Bouquet: Powerful red fruit aromas give way to more spicy overtones (liquorice and clove).

Palate: Straightforward on the palate with plenty of class. The Pinot Noir comes through beautifully with remarkable vinosity. The complex, long aftertaste rounds out the balance of this outstanding cuvée. This Champagne is a rare pleasure for special moments.


Blind Tasted by Andreas Larsson- 91 points
Decanter - Bronze
Gilbert & Gaillard - 90+Club
International Wine & Spirit Competition - Silver Medal/Outstanding

A word from the cellar master, who agreed to compare his work with that of a craftsman.

“Sourire de Reims Brut is a brilliantly faceted cuvée, both dazzling and timeless, like a diamond. The vinification process reveals the special nature of each plot, as if they were gemstones. The blending art is like the precision work of a diamond cutter, always aiming for perfection.”- Frank Nicaise