Marrenon - PLANE DE DIEU - AOP - 75cl - Les Belles Echappées
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Marrenon - PLANE DE DIEU - AOP - 75cl - Les Belles Echappées

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By continually researching the best terroirs in our Rhone Valley region, The AOC “Plan de Dieu” has won our heart. This Appellation is mainly made from Syrah, Grenache - grapes we have a real fondness for – and also Mourvèdre.

Grapes: Black Grenache 50% minimum, Syrah and/or Mourvèdre 20% minimum

Soil This fairly uniform terroir is really a vast alluvial terrace formed by the Aigues and Ouvèze rivers during the Riss Glacial Period two or three hundred thousand years ago, overlaid with chalky gravel dating from the Quaternary Era. The gravel mainly rests on zaffre sandstone.

The soil is unique with a strong terroir uniformity. This beautiful alluvial terrace is clearly defined and endlessly exposed to the powerful Mistral wind.

Tasting notes

Terroir, sunshine and wind combined with great grapes from the Rhône Valley give ripe aromas and richness to the wine.

To be served at 14°. It will be the perfect wine for lamb or rib roast.

Aging potential: 8-10 years