Sensi "Sabbiato" Bolgheri Rosso IGT
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Sensi "Sabbiato" Bolgheri Rosso IGT

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DENOMINATION : Bolgheri DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin)

VINES : 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and 20% Sangiovese.

PRODUCTION AREA: It is cultivated in the vineyards surrounding the Castle of Bolgheri in the province of Livorno, in the south-west area of Tuscany where, thanks to the near sea and the sandy soil, there are those ideal weather conditions which improve the combination of this extraordinary grape bland.

SOIL COMPOSITION: There are three kind of soils in the territory of Bolgheri, due to the combination of volcanic soils with alluvial filling soils and seabed: Clayey Soils not very deep with a rich skeleton. Deep sandy loose soils. Calcareous-marly soils

WEATHER: The micro weather of Bolgheri is advantaged by the sea, whose breezes mitigate the summer hot weather and the winter cold periods. The constantly blowing wind decreases the possibility of rain and the high risk of sunstroke. Val di Cornia and Val di Cecina hills create a corridor, enhancing airstreams that generate a temperature
range between day and night.

METHOD OF CULTIVATION: Spurred cordon, Guyot.

VINIFICATION AND AGING: The varieties have been aged separately; the fermentation and maceration have taken place in stainless steel tanks for about 25/30 days at a controlled temperature not higher than 28/30°C. Afterwards the wine has been bottled for six months before being sold.

TASTING NOTES: It has a ruby red and burgundy colour, deep scent and winy when young, picking up fruity and spicy tones during the aging, dry, warm, round and harmonic taste.


WINE AND FOOD PAIRING: The Sabbiato is a very versatile wine. It is well paired with main courses, white and red meats, cheeses and all game and venison dishes.


  • Berliner Wein Trophy 2014