Terra Noble Disidente Naranjo
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Terra Noble Disidente Naranjo

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COMPOSITION: 87% Pinot Blanc, 13% Pinot Grigio

DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN: Casablanca Valley, area of Las Dichas. 

SOILS: Granitic soils that, after a long weathering process, have been transformed into red clays, poor in organic matter. The parcel is planted on a steep slope, which implies doing differentiated management and harvest. The vineyard is located only 22 km from the sea.

CLIMATE: Cold, sub-humid Mediterranean climate with the predominance of sea breezes or morning fogs during the ripening process, which favors the fruity aromas. Our vineyard is located in Casablanca’s coolest area.

VITICULTURE: The yields are of 8-9 t/ha. The Pinot Blanc parcel (47a), has with some Pinot Grigio vines intermingled. Both were harvested separately to know more about their potentialities. Generally speaking, the canopy was managed to maintain the bunches well-covered.

HARVEST AND VINIFICATION: Pinot Blanc was harvested manually on March 5th and Pinot Grigio on March 20th. Grapes were harvested early in the day to benet from the morning fog, thus helping to keep the fruit at a low temperature. Bunches were selected and destemmed without crushing the grains. They were moved by means of gravity into amphorae where they underwent fermentation with native yeasts. Maceration with the skins lasted three months without temperature control nor the addition of SO2, and only with the grape's natural acidity. After three months, the skins were removed and, to clean the wine, it was racked into smaller amphorae.

AGING: In terracotta amphorae for 6 months.

AGING IN THE BOTTLE: 12 months before releasing.

TASTING NOTES: Intense, complex, and oral aromas with outstanding notes of quince, loquat, and soft citric notes of orange and lemon peel, with an earthy and mineral touch. On the palate it has very good structure; rm, long, mineral, fresh, and vibrant acidity, with a great balance.

PAIRING: Raw sh, grilled octopus, oysters. Can also be enjoyed as a terrace wine.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Discover different experiences enjoying the wine at different temperatures: try it between 10oC - 12oC and 15oC - 16oC.

POTENTIAL: In optimal conditions, 4 to 5 years.

| ALC: 12.0° | PH: 3,3 | TOTAL ACIDITY: 6,07 g/L | RESIDUAL SUGAR: 1,72 g/L

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