Terra Noble Disidente Syrah Tempranillo
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Terra Noble Disidente Syrah Tempranillo

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COMPOSITION: 90% Syrah, 10% Tempranillo

DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN: Casablanca Valley, area of Las Dichas.

SOILS: Granitic soils that, after a long weathering process, have been transformed
into red clays, poor in organic matter. Vineyard plots planted on slopes. The Tempranillo parcel has a presence of quartz along its prole, which is considered a typical soil of the Coastal Batholith. The vineyard is located only 22 km from the sea.

CLIMATE: Cold, sub-humid Mediterranean climate with the predominance of sea breezes or morning fogs during the ripening process, which favors the fruity aromas. Our vineyard is located in Casablanca’s coolest area.

VITICULTURE: The Syrah plot (47b) is planted to clone 470, yielding 6 to 8 t/ha.

HARVEST AND VINIFICATION: Syrah was harvested manually on May 7th and Tempranillo on April 11th and 26th. The grapes, that come from Casablanca’s coolest sector, were harvested by hand early in the day to benet from the morning fog, thus helping to keep the fruit at a low temperature. After a manual selection of bunches and grains, the grapes were destemmed and subject to a pre-fermentative and carbonic cold maceration of 5 days. Fermentation took place at 24oC to 26oC in small lots and in terracotta amphorae with very soft manual punch-downs, 3 times per day. 5% of the grapes were fermented with whole clusters.

AGING: The wine was kept for 14 months: Syrah in untoasted foudre and Tempranillo in amphorae.

AGING IN THE BOTTLE: 12 months before releasing.

TASTING NOTES: Intense and bright red color. A wine with several layers of aromas, among them, red fruits, graphite, ashes, olives, owers, and charcuterie. Elegant, fruity, and fresh on the palate, with delicious and inviting acidity.

PAIRING: red meat, lamb meat, game birds, and mature cheeses.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Serve ideally between 15oC and 16oC.

AGING POTENTIAL: In optimal conditions, 6 to 8 years.

| ALC: 14.0° | PH: 3,61 | TOTAL ACIDITY: 5,65 g/L | RESIDUAL SUGAR: 2,6 g/L