Virtual Wine Experience - Shades of Rosé
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Virtual Wine Experience - Shades of Rosé

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Did you know there is more to Rosé than that from Provence?


There is a whole world of Rosé out there as every red wine grape can be made into a one. What I love about this case is it's a chance to 1) try rosé made from different varieties and 2) try rosé from different countries!

Even though one is also from the Provence region of France, it is a completely different style to what you have tried before. I'm a rosé fiends and believe rosé needs a little more respect than what we give it so here is your chance to start (or continue) your rosé education!

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How you'll watch...

We will send you a card with your case of wine. The card is printed with a unique QR code. Scan with your phone to begin your wine experience!