Best wine app Australia? Here are my top 4

Best wine app Australia? Here are my top 4.

Angelica Nohra

Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker  

If you are anything like me, you try a LOT of wine. So much wine that you tend to forget which wines you have tried. Sometimes, I also feel like I can't articulate how I feel about a wine as well as someone else can. That is why I appreciate wine apps so much. 

I decided to compile a list of the top 4 MUST HAVE wine apps/platforms to be a part of. Hopefully it helps make your wine journey easier and more enjoyable. 

"Best wine app Australia? Here are my top 4"

1. Twenty Five Doors

By far, my favourite wine platform. For $59 per year, you get access to the most interesting wine club in Australia. Imagine having cellar door quality wine deals direct to your inbox for a limited time each month without having to head to the wine region. There have also been so many times in the last few years where I have found myself with a day in Melbourne free and I've wanted to head to the Yarra Valley but didn't want to waste my precious time trying to work out where to go so I end up at the same old places. Twenty Five Doors changes that for me. I answer a few questions and the platform spits out an itinerary based on my preferences. I can then book in with the wineries it suggests with me so I can have a vip, exclusive experience rather than wait to be served behind the tour buses that come through the door. 

I swear by this platform. I highly recommend everyone jumps on it. It will raise the standard of our cellar doors, it will help save our wineries from the endless price slashing that is driving the Australian wine regions right now. 

For more info, head to 

2. Wine - Searcher

Be honest, when you really love a wine, the first thing you want to do is ask where you can buy a case of it! Wine Searcher makes it easy to find the best places online or in store around your area to purchase that much loved vino! There is a free option but for $100 a year, you get more features and no ads. 

For more info, download winesearcher from the apple appstore. 

3. ViVino

If you don't know about this app or use it, you must be living under a rock (no offence). Hands down the best wine app for reminding you of the labels you have tried and you can both see other comments people have about the wine but you can also see the price point of the wine. Be conscious of the fact it's an international app so Australian taxes will mean you need to add 29% to the price but it's a good guide. You can write your own reviews and add your scores to each wine. This will really help you keep track of wines that you taste and remind you of what you need to purchase or try again!

For more info, download vivino from the apple appstore

4. Cellartracker 

I buy ALOT of wine. I also spend a LOT of money on wines that need to be cellared for years. I then forget about said wines and when I do find them, they are vinegar. 

It's a very expensive and frustrating process. 

Then, I discovered Cellartracker. An witty little app that actually lets you know when you should open up a wine based on other people's feedback on different wines.

AND, it's much easier to see what wines you are actually cellaring. 

For more info, download cellartracker from the apple appstore. 

[Bonus] This year, I took it one step further and starting storing my wine at Wine Ark. Australia is just so hot that i knew my wines were never getting the love they needed. I now know my wines are breathing sighs of relief. It's cheap, they track everything and when you want to pull some wine out for a special occasion, it's super easy.

1. Twenty Five Doors 

This platform creates a unqiue personal connection between you and the winery. They are currently finalizing beta testing, but when launched later in 2018, Twenty Five Doors members will be able to try the good wine every time and enjoy a personal one-on-one wine experience with their favourite 25 cellar doors!  

Starting at just $59 dollars a year, Twenty Five Doors is my favourite wine platform! 

For more info, head to  

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  • Thank you this info was great, I have wine searcher downloading. I’m stressing out after returning home to Australia and having trouble finding well known international wines in Australia, like did someone put a ban on international wine? Can’t find a Russian River Pinot Noir anywhere, or an Argentinian Malbac.

    Typically I drink 1 in 30 bottles of Australian wine.

    Warren Saunders on

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