The Brands We Import

Angelica Nohra


Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker


There is quite the selection process we go through here in choosing what brands we import. 

The first thing we look at is the Name. Is it easy to say and remember? Sensi from Italy, Marrenon from France, Andeluna from Argentina, Terra Noble from Chilé, Kono from NZ… hopefully you agree they are easy to say. 

Secondly, is there a story? Sensi is the Number 1 Chianti producer of Italy. Champagne Henri Abelé is the Champagne once served on the Titanic (you can really sink a bottle). Andeluna is a family owned business in a region with only 8 wineries present and is renowned by Tim Aitkin MW. Terra Noble is the International Wine & Spirits Challenge Chilean Producer of the Year 3 times running. Kono is the only Maori owned company left in NZ, Marrenon makes up 10% of Southern Rhone wine production… everything has a story which leads to a good icebreaker at the dinner table with friends. 

Third, is it exceptional value for money. If I were to line up 2 Chiantis of the same price point, we are certain you will pick the Sensi as the more expensive. You try the Henri Abelé NV Brut up against others at it’s price point, we know you will think Abelé is more expensive. That goes for all our brands. 

Fourth, the label needs to look modern. Sometimes that works against us but most of the time, the consumers appreciate it. 

Finally, the quality is consistent. Vintage after vintage, we want our brands to be recognized as providing consistency. If the vintage wasn’t worth bottling in the region, our brands won’t bottle. That consistency means a lot for the longevity of the brands here in Australia. 

So, as you can see, this isn’t just an “import anything” kind of company, we really think before we import anything. We want to impress you every step of the way and give you confidence that when you buy from us, you can share our wines with anyone and they will ask you where you found it.


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