5 Reasons to Avoid the On-Demand 'Wine' Delivery Trap!

Angelica Nohra

Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker


I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan of "on-demand" delivery services. I always see it as something people do when they've drank far too much to be able to drive to get more alcohol from the store... it always seemed a little irresponsible to me. 

Obviously, that's not what they are about (or at least not how they are marketed) They are great for offices who are having parties, they are great for the older people in our community who aren't as mobile and indeed, they are great for parents who don't have the time to head to a bottle shop for a bottle of wine because they have munchkins crawling around. 

There are some classics, like Jimmy Brings (which seems to be EVERYWHERE since Woolworths bought them), Tipple (owned by 7-11) & Quick Bottle but even more on demand online stores and apps are popping up with rapid delivery like Whistle, DRNKS, Liquoroo, Hello Drinks and More. If you don't have a car, need to battle the weather or have other issues that inhibit you from going and browsing the bottle shop shelves yourself, I understand why you would use the service. 

I get it... my issue with them is more the quality and price of what they are delivering. 

One thing I like to share in regards to wine is the story and the journey. How did that wine get in that bottle and get to your table? Who made it, how? WHY? I feel these on-demand services lack the story telling and they promote bigger brands that are high volume and can be found 'anywhere'. The other thing is, you definitely pay a premium for this on-demand service. The same wines you can get at any bottle shop are usually a couple of dollars more, taking advantage of people's need to have something right away. It might only be $2-$5 but it all adds up over time!

We, obviously, don't do this on-demand service. We are a small business and don't have the infrastructure but on thing we guarantee is a timely delivery, a cool story, very high quality wine from family owned and/or ethical & sustainable companies, wines that tell a story and prices that are reasonable.

All you have to do is be a little organised and if you know you are having a party, order on the Monday for a big weekend or something like that!


1) save money

2) drink something that's more interesting & unique

3) support small business

4) educate your palate on what else is out there and;

5) receive Free Delivery during different sales and when you spend $300 or more with us. 

Sound's good right? Simply planning ahead could save you BIG bucks! 


Meet Steve... Steve purchase two bottles of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from an On Demand Service most weekends. Steve usually finds a 2 for $40 deal and considers himself pretty savvy. Steve doesn't mind paying the $10 for delivery as it's usually quicker than going to the store himself. After 3 weeks Steve has enjoyed 6 bottles for $150. 

Now, if Steve had planned ahead and shopped online on a Monday, he could have ordered a case of Kono - Sauvignon Blanc the only 100% mauri owned winery in New Zealand for just $109 a 6pk, delivered! Over the course of a year Steve could save $710 or more! 

Get Free Shipping* on your first order with DWC - Use code 'OFFDEMAND' at checkout! 

*Minimum spend of $50 applies. Valid once per customer.


Kono - Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)

If you love Giesen or Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, you will love this!


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