COVID-19 - The single worst economic disaster of our generation?

Covid-19 - The single worst economic disaster of our generation?

Angelica Nohra
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

These really are unprecedented times. Australia has copped a LOT over the last few months. Between Bushfires, Floods and now Covid-19, there isn't much more Australian small businesses can take.

As someone who doesn't usually live their life controlled by fear, I have to say this has really thrown me. I implore each and every one of you to please, take care of your loved ones, check in on elderly neighbours and please, wash your hands!

As many of you know, we are a small, family run, wine importing business. With the current pandemic, we are seeing Stock markets fall, Currencies crash and Shipping Docks not operating so we can't get stock from Europe!

Add to that people staying indoors, which means Restaurants and Bars are suffering and our wholesale business is down and cash flow has dried up.

My hope is banks halt commercial mortgages for a while so landlords can stop charging rent to small business owners for a few months until people start going to restaurants ensure those restaurants and bars are still there when all this has blown over! Will that happen? Probably not! So, please, support your local small bar or restaurant by walking in and buying a Gift Card to use at a later date to help their cash flow. Small business owners WANT to keep people in jobs. Without cash flow, they can't keep people employed. Without employed people we start a cycle of noone spending any money anywhere and we end up in recession...

I'm sorry to put such a downer on your week... but it's important to be aware. Stay indoors yes, but check in with your local grocer, bar and restaurant to see how you can support them! Order food to be delivered to your home even!

And please remember, if you are going to be locked in a house for 2 weeks with your spouse and children, Direct Wine Cellars has you covered with incredible value for money wine from all over the world to make the isolation a little easier ;)

To your health!

- Angelica

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