It's time to start Collecting Magnums

Here is why you should be collecting Magnums! (Magnum Wine)

Angelica Nohra

Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker


I love displaying Magnums of wine when we are at the Food and Wine Expos. They are so impressive that people always want to take photos with them, touch them and giggle about sticking a straw in them to drink it. 

It is all a bit of fun but did you know magnums aren't just about the Novelty? There is a reason for them and a reason why you should be collecting some classic magnums to cellar. 

Firstly, if you like parties or large gatherings, they are very efficient. 1.5 litres of wine is, essentially, 2 glasses each between 5 people. Why open 2 bottles of wine when you can enjoy the aesthetics of a magnum? 

Secondly, magnums keep wine younger and fresher. Yes, Magnums have less exposure to the effects of oxygen and they age, ironically, 1.5 times slower than a 750mL bottle. This is because there is less surface area for the wine to 'breathe'. 

Lastly, they make a great gift! Anyone can buy someone a 750mL bottle of wine but there is definitely a sense that more thought has gone into a magnum as a wine gift. They are also more rare than the 750mL, particularly when you are talking about iconic producers. 

So, with the festive season close, think about investing in a few magnums for your dining table! Here are a few of our favourites!

Marrenon Petula Luberon Rosé Magnum

Marrenon Grand Marrenon Rouge Magnum 

Marrenon Grand Marrenon Blanc Magnum - Barrel aged Whites age remarkably well in magnum!  

Marrenon Orca 100% Old Vine Grenache Magnum 

Sensi "Sabbiato" Bolgheri Rosso Magnum

and for a world of fun in the sun, Sensi "Dalcampo" Chianti Fiasco 1.5lt 

Happy drinking! 


Click the link below and send us a quick message regarding your interest from the list above. We'll let you know if it's in stock along with pricing information with in 24 hours! 

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