Italian Wine Week - In the lead up to Italian Republic Day!

Italian Wine Week - In the lead up to Italian Republic Day! 

Angelica Nohra 

Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker      

Our favourite sales week is coming! 

We have been holding Italian Wine Week, in the lead up to Italian Republic Day since Direct Wine Cellars' inception so many years ago. But why do we celebrate Italian wine week? Well, there are over 1300 native grape varieties in Italy and it's a celebration of just that. It's also a way for people to try some varietals they wouldn't usually try and get an understanding of the uniqueness of the wines that come from Italy! 

The second reason? Italian Republic Day! Let's celebrate such a remarkable culture and the people who brought us Chianti, Ravioli and Cannolli! How does it get better then that? During the event, you can expect some once-off, never to be repeated deals as well as some mystery packs and introductions to some new wines that are normally reserved for our premium, restaurant clients. You will also get a peak behind the curtain into wines that are exclusive to our on-premise customers. 

We highly recommend you give something new a try. You will not be disappointed! Italian Wine Week begins Saturday 27th May until Italian Republic Day on Saturday June 2nd! Ensure you are signed up to our newsletter so you don't miss out! 

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