Why Australia is going crazy for Argentinian Wines!

Why Australia is going crazy for Argentinian Wines?

Angelica Nohra

Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker  

We recently exhibited at the Good Food and Wine Show and I have to say, I was overwhelmed by the love for Andeluna. I was also really curious by how excited people got when they tasted Torrontès and saw the colour of the Malbec Rosé. It just proved to me that Australian's are getting more an more open to tasting new varietals and not just sticking to what they know. It also proved to me that a 'darker' colour of Rosé will still attract interest when on a bottleshop shelf rather than the simple Provence style colour. 

So, let's talk about Argentina and their wines. Obviously, Malbec is synonymous with Argentinian wines (side note; did you know Malbec actually started in France? Find Cahors and give it a taste) but they are also famous for an aromatic white varietal called Torrontès. I describe it as Argentina's answer to Sauvignon Blanc. It has aromas of lychee, musk and white flowers and that translates onto the pallate with mouthwatering acidity and a really nice length. The best thing about it? It is sooo affordable. 

Affordability really is another reason why Australians are going crazy for Argentine wines. For less than $20, you can get some interesting and bold wines that go perfectly with anything you are eating and are relatively easy to find around town. They are quite similar to varietals you find in Australia so it doesn't leave you feeling like you need 'more' from the palate. They have good fruit, lovely acidity and they can be quite spicy as well...just like soft, aussie shiraz. 

The biggest difference with Argentinian wine though is where they are grown. Andeluna, for instance, comes from a region 1300m above sea level called the Uco Valley. It is famous for spicy and more floral Malbecs compared to those on the valley floor closer to the town of Mendoza. It is definitely worth trying Malbec and other reds from all of the different Argentine regions rather than simply those labelled Mendoza. 

They can also be released with very little barrel age or with years of barrel age which is an interesting experiment. Our Pasionado Malbec for instance is hand cut from the best vines in the vineyard and barrel aged for 24 months before a further 12 months in bottle before release. The bright red fruit and spicy pepper characters in the 1300 Malbec have developed into this lovely vanilla, blueberry, mocha flavour with incredible acidity and structure. It tastes completely different even though it's still a Malbec. 

In terms of white, give Torrontès a try. They can be found at many bottleshops and if your local doesn't have it, ask them to find one for you....they are around and there are quite a few importers bringing them in. 

So, get the ceviché and the churrasco going and enjoy a range of Argentinian wines from Torrontés to Malbec! Vamos! 

Give them a try! 

Andeluna Pasionado Cuatro Cepas 2012 Argentina

Andeluna Pasionado stands comparison with the great wines of the world. Product of exceptional harvests, its grapes are carefully picked from low-yield parcels. Aged in new French oak barrels during 18 months and then it spends 12 more months in bottle before release.

Andeluna 1300 Torrontes Argentina

Light, green colour with silver hues. Aromas of white flowers, citric and tropical fruits. Rue, jasmine and white peach stand out. Fresh attack with an intense finish. Serve at 9°C

Andeluna "Altitud" Malbec Argentina

Intense red colour. Deep floral aromas, especially violets and berries. In the mouth; soft tannins of great volume giving a long and luscious finish. Serve at 16ºC.

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