3 reasons why a magnum is better than a regular-sized bottle.

3 reasons why you should ALWAYS drink Champagne out of a Magnum

Angelica Nohra

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Lately, I've been caught drinking a lot of Champagne out of Magnum rather than standard bottle. Even though the truth behind it is probably the fact I can usually drink 2 bottles of Champagne anyway, here are three reasons why I do believe drinking of our Magnum is a much better way to drink Champagne (or any bubbles really). 

For those that don't know, a Magnum is a 1.5 litre bottle. A Jeroboam is even more fun and they are 3 litres. Sound like a lot? Well, between 5 people, a magnum is 2 glasses each. A jero is 4 glasses each. So really, you can get through it! 

1. Champagne matures better and slower in a Magnum because it has twice the volume of a standard bottle but the same neck size so it matures slower and has a more complex, mature and harmonious taste. 

2. There is more wine in the bottle and less empty space between the wine and the cork so oxidation is less likely to happen! 

3....and probably the most important...Drinking a bottle twice the size of your head makes for an awesome Instagram shot!  

So challenge yourself to buy a few magnums of NV Champagne over the next few months and lay them down for a couple of years. Try the aged magnum next to a standard bottle of NV champagne and you decide whether what I've said above is legit :) 

Good news! We just happen to a few magnums laying around! 

Henri Abelé NV Brut - MAGNUM

Pale golden colour with greenish highlights.
Remarkably fine bubbles and a beautiful, persistent bead.

Attractive and luscious, with hints of hawthorn and acacia blossoms as well as overtones of peach and apricot.

Exceptional ripeness on the palate. Toasty, honey, and cinnamon flavours. This elegant cuvée has a full bodied, generous aftertaste.

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