Online Wine Shop – How to save up to 65% on vino

Why you should always BUY BY THE CASE to save!!

Angelica Nohra

Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker     

Let's get down to business. I know you like wine. I know you buy online to save yourself time and money. I know you like a bargain but you also like great wine.

THIS is why we have the BUY BY THE CASE AND SAVE option on our online wine shop.

"What if I don't like the wine and I'm stuck with a case?" I hear you say... never fear, you can mix up your own cases to see what you like and then BUY BY THE CASE AND SAVE on your next order. Further, we have premixed cases at ridiculously good prices so you don't have to commit to a full case of one wine or varietal. 

"Why is it cheaper to BUY BY THE CASE AND SAVE?" I also hear you say. Quite comes down to shipping and handling. No one likes to pay for shipping but unfortunately, it's a necessary evil when we are talking about online shopping. When you BUY BY THE CASE AND SAVE on our online wine shop, it is eliminated a lot of the handling and shipping costs. Put it this way, if you bought 1 bottle or 12, it costs me exactly the same in shipping. Ridiculous right? Right. 

"Why do I have to log in/become a member to see your pricing?" - Honey, this is quite simple. We sell a LOT of wine to a LOT of bottleshops and restaurants and we don't want them to see the pricing we are giving you! That could get us into a LOT of trouble. So please, give us a little something something for the value we are giving you! 

The best part? We do awesome deals throughout the year like a 12 days of Christmas Sale, End of Financial Year Sale, Italian Wine Week Sale and more where you see some limited sales and cases that we put together! 

So what are you waiting for? Go & grab some awesome wine buy by the case & start saving! 

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