5 Best Places to Wine & Dine in & around Pyrmont

5 Best Places to Wine & Dine in & around Pyrmont

Angelica Nohra
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

1. Mister Percy

This place is an absolute GEM, nestled inside the Ovolo Hotel opposite Harbourside Carpark. Not only do they serve the wine in "Quatinos" rather than glasses (because lets face it, one glass is never enough), they have an incredible share style menu which expresses the talent of Head Chef Luca Giotta. Fresh, handmade, Italian pasta dishes, perfectly cooked steaks and fish and a range of Pinxtos to get you started. The wine list is curated by the very talented Shun Eto who showcases some interesting varietals from all over Australia while also highlighting a number of wines from around the world. If you aren't so much into Vino, never fear, for they have an expansive cocktail list as well! 
This is my new Local. I absolutely love this bar and restaurant and find it remarkably underrated.

2. The Terminus
The new Gastro-pub movement is really highlighted here. An exceptional food menu catering equally to meat eaters and vegie lovers and a really interesting wine list. They feature varietals from typical regions so it's not too difficult to understand but they highlight smaller brands that don't have the big, commercial footprint that you would expect from most pub wine lists. I love their outdoor seating area and the fact that they have wifi. There have been many afternoons where I have sat with a bottle of Pinot Noir, in the garden area, doing work rather than doing it from the office. 

3. Boathouse at Blackwattle Bay
Views, Seafood and a wine list full of small and sustainable Aussie producers as well as our favourite international varietals. Also, the list of grower Champagne makes my mouth water. This is a must try for those in the area, particularly if you are a fan of oysters. While some restaurants give you a choice between rock or pacific, this place is famous for their diverse list of Oyster varieties from all over NSW. An excellent spot for a fancy meal, a hot date and a long lunch, particularly on a weekend. If you don't like fish, don't worry, there are vegetarian and meat options available as well...but it really is all about the seafood. 

4. The Quarrymans
Another excellent pub with an awesome wine list. Owned by the Laundy Group, these guys prove why the group is on the rise. Even though the place has what seems like an endless amount of tap beer, they also have a small but clear wine list that caters to those looking for 'something interesting' and those who just want a riesling or a sauv blanc. It's house to the typical pub-grub like burgers and schnitty but they also have a range of salads and healthy meal options. It's the perfect 'go-to' pub for good food, good beer and a decent glass of wine. It's also great value for money. 

5. Black at the Star

For me, this place has the best steak in Sydney. Yes, you pay for it but damn, it's goood. The view is outstanding, the furniture is dark and comfortable, the glasswear is divine and the wine list, put together by Addy Lam, is exquisite. Australian, French, US, Italian...everything under this one roof. I also love seeing so many smaller Australian producers on this list. Of course, being at the Casino, you will find a wine list of big names that retail for prices that look like the year they were made as well but it all adds to the beauty of the place. I highly recommend this place for a fantastic piece of steak, the best brioche bread you've ever tasted and a walk through the different wines by the glass! 

So that's my list of Pyrmont Favs..what are yours?

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