The Best ‘Value for Money’ Red Wines for Winter!

The Best ‘Value for Money’ Red Wines for Winter!

Angelica Nohra 
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

I am a summer lover. I love the heat, I love the sunshine, I love the long days...

...but the wine lover in me aches for days and nights cool enough so snuggle on the couch with a bottle of red wine.

Those days are coming.

I am also aware of the fact I'm a 'couple of glasses a night' kind of gal so I can't spend too much money on my there are a few I come back to often because they don't break the bank.

Here is my list of the best value for money red wines to get you through this winter! 

Monday Night Wine
Ok Monday, let's do this! We are just getting back into the working week and it's always a tough day right? So we need something to calm us down and give us the energy to get this week moving. 

Marrenon "Les Grains" Merlot IGP Mediterenée approx $15 - This is a kick-ass Merlot. Merlot gets a bad wrap at times and as it's one of my favourite varietals, I had to add it to this list. This merlot is soft and easy to drink but it is bursting with fresh red and purple fruits and a hint of black pepper and sweet spices. It's interesting enough to make your Monday better and its soft enough to not put a stop to your week. Awesome wine. 

Tuesday Night Wine
Ok, we are getting into the week now. Things are progressing smoothly with work, the kids are cooperating with getting organised for school, So tonight, let's pop open a bottle of Terra Noble Pinot Noir from Chilé (approx $22-$25) Again, nice and light as we aren't aiming for a party on a Tuesday night but I'm sure you have cooked something nice for dinner and we need the ultimate food pairing wine. This wine is that ultimate food pairing wine. I drink it with everything from fish to chicken to beef to lamb to duck...not that I ever cook duck...I'm not talented in the kitchen at all. Anyway, I digress...try it, it's outstanding. 

Wednesday Night Wine
Boom! Made it to hump day. Hump day calls for a celebratory red wine, that is still great value for money. So tonight, we bring out the corkscrew and drink Marrenon's Cotes du Rhone (approx $22). I don't think I've ever tasted a red as interesting as this at this pricepoint. It's a syrah/grenache blend that is low yeilding so the fruit concentration is outstanding. Not only do you find red fruits, you will find purple fruit popping through before a hint of pepper and a lovely, dry finish. It tastes a LOT more expensive than it is. What better way to get through hump day?

Thursday Night Wine
We are getting closer to the weekend and it's usually a steak night in our place. Tonight, we drink Andeluna 1300 Malbec approx $20-$24 which is fuller bodied, floral, elegant and fruity. Tupungato is famous for these feminine styles of Malbec which make them really approachable. 

Friday Night Wine
Sensi "Collezione" Sangiovese IGT Toscana Approx $19.99 -  Friday night in our place is usually Pizza and Netflix night. This is my go-to Friday night wine and it has been for years. It's dry, it's easy to drink, it's fruity and it goes so well with pizza. It ages really well also so I love trying a bottle every couple of months to see how it's developing. 

Saturday Night Wine 
Out with friends, doing BYO is the norm for us as usually, the restaurants wine lists aren't as good as the wines I have at home (oops...did I just say that?) so tonight, we break out the big guns. Painted Wolf Den Pinotage Approx $25 is just delicious and goes so well with so many different cuisines thanks to its juicy flavour, oak integration and tannin. It's always an absolute treat. Another wine we love taking out on a Saturday night is the Paperboy McLaren Vale Shiraz Approx $25. This small production Shiraz is just delicious and always has people asking "wow, whats that?"

Sunday Night Wine
Sunday nights are chill nights for me. I don't want to do much thinking, I just want to sit back and relax as I plan the week ahead. For this, it's always a night for either Borgo Cipressi Montepulciano d'Abruzzo or Calappiano Chianti. They are both easy and smooth, nothing pretentious and a great way to end (or start) the week!

So that's a week in the life of me during winter. Tell me, what are your favourite red wines for winter that are also great value for money?

Here are the wines that you must try!

Marrenon Les Grains Merlot IGP Méditerranée

Very expressive fruity nose (blackberries) with soft spices. The mouth is soft and full with red fruits aromas coming back in a global harmony. Will be a great companion for aperitif, exotic or Italian food.

Terra Noble Reserva Pinot Noir

The wine is of a brilliant ruby red colour. Its profile of aromas has notes of red fruits like raspberries and cherries with subtle touches of smoke. It is ideal as an aperitif or to accompany white meats or pasta.

Marrenon's Cotes du Rhone

Dark red robe, typical nose but still very delicate with aromas of ripe red fruits (raspberry, strawberry, red currant) and a hint of spices. In the mouth, the wine is generous and powerful with fine tannins.

Andeluna 1300 Malbec

Intense violet colour with aromas of red fruits, flowers and subtle toasty nuances . Fresh, soft and balanced on the palate. Expressive of the area.

Sensi "Collezione" Sangiovese

It has a ruby red colour, a full and rich taste, a good body, is soft and velvety with traces of vanilla and tobacco in the finish. Luscious plum, dried berry and rose petalaromas. Medium-bodied with velvety tannins.

Amadio White Label 2017 Rosso Quattro

A soft blend of Merlot, Sangiovese, Barbera and Grenache offering a subtle palate of ripe fruits and vast complexity.

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