Easter Gifts that are better than Chocolate!

Easter Gifts that are better than Chocolate!

Angelica Nohra
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

People can buy chocolate whenever they are craving it, why not surprise your loved one this Easter with something a little more special and thoughtful? 

For the Ladies

Bottle of Champagne or Prosecco 
Chocolate is great but how much better is receiving a gorgeous bottle of Gold Prosecco or a bottle of historic Champagne like Henri Abelé? They taste delicious, they look great and they can be seen as super thoughtful. What do you think?

For the Men

Did you get the memo? Cotton is out. Micromodal is in. Not only is micromodal environmentally sustainable, it is antibacterial, allows for 4-way stretch, is 3 times softer than cotton and is 50% more moisture wicking so they can take you from the gym to the office while still feeling dry. These undies have a reinforced hem to prevent ride up and an anti-roll waistband. They come in multipacks as well as individual colours. I've been buying these for my hubby for a while now and he absolutely loves them. 

For the couple 

Membership to Twenty Five Doors 
The most innovative way for your friends to explore wine regions around Australia (and eventually the world). Why spend hours searching for what to do and where to go in different wine regions when you can just answer a few questions and Twenty Five Doors' intuitive technology will spit out an itinerary for you based on your preferences. The best part? You can then book Exclusive experiences at the different wineries so you can be treated like a Rockstar rather than an average Joe. 


Perfect Easter Gifts!

Gold Prosecco

This is the ultimate gift for any special occasion. This is the Prosecco for those that suggest Prosecco is too sweet. This baby will get people talking.

Henri Abelé 2009 Brut Vintage Limited Edition

To celebrate its 260th anniversary with style, Maison Henri Abelé is proud to release a limited edition of it's glorious 2009 vintage, dressed up in a rococo livery.

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