Best Independent Wine bottle shops in Sydney

Best Independent Wine bottle shops in Sydney

Angelica Nohra
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

As Australians, we obviously love a tipple but it gets to a point where you are looking for something a little more interesting then what the big box retailers can offer. It also gets to a point where you don’t have time to look around and find something you might like. Wouldn’t it be easier if you were known by your local bottle shop owner where you can simply walk in and say “i'm feeling chardonnay today” and just like that they find a wine you'll love and at a price point you're comfortable with. This is why I support independent bottle shops. The retailers get to know their customers and make our lives so much easier. They introduce us to wines that are unique and excellent value for money.

Here is the list of my Top 5 Independent Wine Bottle Shops in Sydney and why…with a few cheeky extras.

L’Maestro - The Liquor Master - Koola Ave, East Killara

Chris has over 20 years experience and is very anti-commercial brands. He fills his store with small producers from all over the world at everything from $6 a bottle to $600. For a real gift, check out his Vintec collection. He has varietals you’ve most likely never heard of and didn’t realise would become a favourite. He has styles of different varietals that give you the broad understanding of what Terroir can do to a varietal. Not one double facing, there are hundreds of different brands available. Ask him to put a dozen together for you, you won’t be disappointed.

Tom’s Cellars North Turramurra - Bobbin Head Road, North Turramurra

Tom has put David in charge here and it’s a great decision. David has a strong knowledge in international varietals but what I love is he knows value when he sees it. From $10+, every bottle tastes more expensive than it is. There are some real staples in store but you will always be able to walk in and see something on a two for sale that is ridiculous value for money.

Wine Culture - Roseville

These boys are a LOT of fun. Liam and Nick have tastings each weekend where they either have a rep in store highlighting a brand or they simply just open what they like and it feels like a little party in store. There must be something about the wine palate on this side of Sydney but it’s very educated. The other fantastic thing about this store is the owner has an enviable cellar of iconic Australian and international brands so if you are looking for a 1952 Mouton Rothschild, 1980 Cristal or some Rockford Basket Press, you will probably find it here! Ask them, I dare you…just bring the unlimited credit card.

South End Cellars - Maroubra

Greg is one of my favourite people. He is a knockabout Kiwi bloke who loves a drink and definitely knows value when he sees it. There is always something different to find here. Ever changing international varietals as well as some staple Aussie and Kiwi wines. 

Paddington Fine Wines, Darlinghurst Fine Wines & Bayswater Fine Wines (Same group, all as classy and interesting as each other)

These are the stores Darlinghurst, Paddington and Bayswater didn’t even realise they needed. A real step up in class and quality for the areas. That doesn’t mean wines are expensive either. In fact, they have a famous 3 for $12 section in each store! It just means they have a very good range of wine from all over the world and you will definitely find brands you haven’t seen before but offer great value for money.  Better than Dan Murphys

Amato’s Liquor Mart - Leichardht

Best selection of Italian Wine in Australia! Get onto their mailing list to find out about their tasting events and masterclasses. An iconic family business in the liquor industry for over 40 years! 

Jim’s Cellars - Wollahra, Waitara & Crows Nest

Another fantastic family business. The boys have everything and it’s Cheap. You may be lucky enough to see Mum running around bossing the sons around too. It feels like you’ve walked into their home. They are quirky and very good at what they do. I much prefer to support people like this rather than the big retailers  

Outside of Sydney? Check these stores out! 

Blue Mountains 

Leura Cellars - Leura

Want some amazing value for money aged whites? Check out the Cellar here. Ridiculous value for money for iconic wine that they’ve been ageing at ideal temperatures for years!

Carrington Bottleshop & Deli - Katoomba

All class and a little cheeky. They have a range of cheap & cheerful and a focus on local NSW wines (think Orange, Mudgee and even more local to them) as well as a Rosé wall and a Bubbles bathtub with everything from Cava to Champagne.



Tighes Hill Cellars - Tighes Hill 

An excellent range of beer and wine. They also have a good focus on preservative free/natural/biodynamic wines.



Manning St Cellars Kiama 

Coledale Fine Wines Coledale


Justin Lill WinesBerry Bottle Shop - his place is rock & roll… not only is there an amazing selection of wine, Justin has quite a taste for craft beer and the sour fruit beer range is the best in Aus!

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