Wine Providence

Wine Providence

Angelica Nohra
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

Where does the Wine Come From? Have you ever thought about Wine Providence ?

I’m not sure about you but I have started to really think about the providence of my food and wine. I’m not interested in eating or drinking anything that is made commercially or in mass production. I want to know where my food and wine come from.  

This has always been important to me and also why I choose the wines and brands that I do for our customers at Direct Wine Cellars. 

Every brand we have either comes from a small production, family business or a bigger producer that looks after their vignerons and winemakers. It’s not about price or massive brands. It’s about great value and a social conscious.  

Sensi from Tuscany, Italy 

Marrenon from Southern Rhone, France

Andeluna from Tupongato, Argentina

Terra Noble from Santiago Chilé

Champagne Henri Abelé of Reims.

Kono & Tohu of Marlborough NZ

Robert Bowen from Pemberton, WA

Paperboy from McLaren Vale, SA

They are all brands I can trust have the land, their people, history, family, winemakers, vignerons, customers and everyone around them close to their heart and the core of their companies. Are they the cheapest wines on the market from their respective countries? No. Do they compromise on quality to attain better price points? No. Their reputation is everything. Consistency is everything. It’s why I am proud to have found them all and to bring them to Australia.  

So next time you are buying a bottle of wine, ask the sales person where it comes from, what are the winemakers ethics? What story do they have to tell? 

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