Open that Bottle Night

Open that Bottle Night

Angelica Nohra
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

Around, it has come again.

It’s time to Open That Bottle.  

You know what “that” bottle is right? 

It’s THAT bottle you’ve been hiding away. THAT bottle you have kept for the special occasion that hasn’t come. It’s THAT bottle you don’t take to the house of someone you know doesn’t appreciate it as much as you do! 

Tonight can be that night. Tonight is a night that ends in Y and that’s WHY you should just open THAT bottle. Life is too short, don’t die wondering! Now is your chance…. 

If you are anything like me, it won’t just be one bottle, it’ll be a whole night affair with plenty of good food, good laughs and good booze!  

Need some inspiration? Here is what I’ll be drinking on Open That Bottle Night.  


ALWAYS start with a good bottle of bubbles. Tonight, I’ll be drinking a 2012 Vintage of Henri Abelé Champagne

Everyone is talking about 2008 in Champagne. I’m going on a limb to say the 2012 is just as good but is still quite acidic and giving it time to sit is a great idea. It’s really vibrant and zesty. I love it and I’ll use any excuse to open a bottle!


Marrenon Oris Barrel Aged Rosé 

Have you ever had a rosé that can age? This is already barrel aged. It gets better and better and better every year I open one. This is the kind of wine I send to people who “don’t like rosé” because it really changes their perception on the whole thing. Highly recommend.


Andeluna “Pasionado” Quattro Cepas (Argentine Bordeaux Blend)

This is a wine that takes A LOT of time to age. Only 2000 bottles are made and it truly is a representation of the best work the Argentinians can do. Aged in New oak, full of tannin yet smooth and silky. Delicious.

Marrenon “Gardarem” Syrah 

Well, this wine won Syrah Du Monde (Best Syrah in the World) for a reason. It’s big and voluptuous, well balanced with acid and tannin and is a true delight to drink.

You will notice I don’t have a white on my list..that’s simply because I don’t have any aged Whites right now. I seem to select a lot of reds and Champagne to put away…. i’m a bit bias I guess. Or perhaps I just like to drink whites fresh! If I did have a white to drink tonight, it would be an Aged Riesling. To me, aged rieslings are so underrated and I’m not too sure why! I’ve started putting our Tohu Single Vineyard Riesling away to see how it ages… I’ll report back at Open that Bottle Night in 10 years!  

Oh and did I mention that this year's Open that Bottle Night falls on the 26th which is a Saturday! That gives us all an extra day to recover. Let's be honest, we can't drink like we use to anymore! 

So Cheers, enjoy your amazing vino and let me know what you'll be opening tonight in the comments below! 

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