FAQ: Why do I need to Sign up/ Log In to view prices?

FAQ: Why do I need to Sign up/ Log In to view prices?

Angelica Nohra
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

So, you have landed on our site and we make it really difficult for you to just see the price of something. It can be a pain right? 

Well, I wanted to let you know WHY we have chosen to do it this way. 

As you may have read, we are the importers and distributers of all of this fabulous wine you see online. We mainly sell to Bars/Restaurants/Clubs and Bottleshops. 

I'd say 80% of our business is done that way... 

So obviously, we don't want to upset the majority of the people supporting our business.... otherwise we won't be in business much longer. 

We also believe in getting great value for money products out to the general consumer for you to taste and enjoy with your family and friends. We also know that you are taking a risk by buying a lot of our wines and brands, especially when you haven't tried them before, so we want to reward you for your courage and trust in our products!

Truth is, we have searched high and low to find the best brands that dominate their respective niches and we know everyone will love them. We ask you to become a member of our website to view our pricing as a sign of respect to those wholesale clients who have trusted us as well.

We are like a little family here at Direct Wine Cellars as well and ask for your trust in giving us your details in return for the hot, wholesale prices we decide to put forward to you. 

Hopefully, that explains why we would like you to sign up and sign in to see our pricing. We want you to get a great deal and we want our wholesale clients to continue buying from us and making their margin as well.... When you need a case of wine, buy from us. Otherwise, go out and support your local independent retailer!

Do you have a favourite independent retailer you choose to shop with that doesn't stock our products? Let me know by sending an email to angelica@directwinecellars.com.au 


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