Netflix & Wine with these grape documentaries!

Netflix & Wine with these grape documentaries!

Angelica Nohra
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

Have a weekend free and not sure what to watch? Here is my list of excellent Wine Documentaries/Movies

Somm 1, 2 & 3

I'm in love with this series. If you want to understand the craziness of what goes into becoming a Master of Wine, give this a watch. If you want to understand the work it takes to make a bottle of wine, give this a watch. If you want to understand the background of wine judging and awards, give this a watch. It's a multifaceted and engaging series of movies that I highly recommend...while drinking a glass of Cotes du Rhone or Sangiovese. 

A Year in Champagne 
It's no secret that I LOVE Champagne. I live for it. This is such an intimate look at the hard work that goes into a bottle of Champagne. The amount of love given to the vineyards. The amount of hands that are calloused due to hand pruning. The gentleness of the crushing. The patience of the families of growers and the Houses while they wait for their Champagne to ferment underground. The happiness in the faces when a cork is popped. The longevity of the tradition. Everything that makes me love Champagne is showcased in this show. I recommend you watch it with a bottle of Henri Abelé NV Brut. 

Back to Burgundy 
This is a really romantic, human, honest and intimate movie and look into the coveted region of Burgundy and the producers within it.  A French film that documents three siblings who are brought back together to carry on the legacy of their family vineyard after their father dies. It's a beautiful story of the passion and purpose that incredibly skilled people have to create delicate, collectable and age-able wines in this region. It also highlights how something as simple as wine can bring a family back together after years of separation. A bit of a tear jerker but also a wonderful view of Burgundy that makes you want to jump on a plane to see it for yourself. Watch it while drinking Chablis or Red Burgundy (of course)... *if you can't afford aforementioned wines, drink a Chardonnay or a Pinot Noir and just pretend*

Watch it because 1) The Napa Valley is fabulous and Pretentious and 2) It's hilarious. Drink a bottle of Les Grains Merlot with it and have a little laugh.... 

Red Obsession
Safe to say wine fever in China is real. This documentary interviews wine critics, wine writers, wine collectors and wine makers on a journey through Bordeaux and to Beijing where the power of demand for Bordeaux has led to a counterfeit wine market in the East. It is narrated by our very own Russell Crowe and it asks the question of whether China is a threat to Bordeaux's reputation. Even though it's a little dry in the beginning, it is quite an interesting exposé. Watch while drinking a bottle of Bordeaux of course! *If you cannot afford a Bordeaux right now, get yourself a Cab/Merlot or Merlot/Cab and just pretend*

Sour Grapes 
Watch this as a follow on from Red Obsession. I actually find this kind of show quite funny because the guts some people have to con others is remarkable! This documentary follows French Wine Producer, Laurent Ponsot on his crusade to expose Rudy Kurniawan as a fraud. Rudy was rumoured to be a wine savant who collected rare wines. In 2006, he made 35 million dollars in two auctions from the sale of his wines but when Ponsot came across them, he noticed wines were being collected from years that wines weren't even being produced!! Sacre Bleu!! 
Watch while drinking something aged (like our Andrew Seppelt 2013 Barossa Valley Shiraz)..just as long as it's not counterfeit :) 

So that's my list of awesome wine movies. Are there any I've missed? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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