FAQs - What is the difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio

FAQs - What is the difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio

Angelica Nohra
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

I get this question A LOT. Even though it's one of our mot popular varieties here in Australia, why one is called a Pinot Gris and one a Pinot Grigio is a source of confusion.

Especially when they are the same variety...that has been given two different names thanks to the French and Italian Language. 

The French call it Pinot Gris. Gris is French for "grey" and you will find this style to be rich, full bodied and quite aromatic and silky. 

The Italians, on the other hand, call it Pinot Grigio and...can you guess it? Grigio is Italian for "grey"! Who wouldathunkit? In contrast, Italian Grigio is a lighter, crisp wine suited for early drinking and basically...sitting on the back porch as a sundowner on a hot, summers day. 

Across the two styles, the common aroma and flavour descriptors include apple, pear, honey, hay, fresh herbs and sometimes, if aged on lees or in oak, brioche and bread and for those that didn't know, it's actually a member of the Pinot Noir family!

So have you tried both styles? I'd encourage you to try the Sensi Collezione Pinot Grigo and the Kono Nelson Pinot Gris to get an idea of how the two styles differ and let me know in the comments below what your favourite is! 

Must try these!

Sensi "Collezione" Pinot Grigio Veneto IGT

Our biggest selling white. 

Aged in steel for 8 months, ages in bottle for 2 months. The aromatic and fresh taste renders it particularly adapted to match salamis and medium-seasoned cheeses as we as a wide range of complicated dishes.

Crisp, dry and herbaceous. Exactly how the Italians wanted it to taste!

Kono - Pinot Gris

TASTING NOTES A bright pale gold hue in the glass with just a hint of bronzing at the edges, ourKono Pinot Gris is a fruit driven and full expression of the variety. Characterised bypear-drop, red apple and touches of spice, the concentrated fruit flavours are finelybalanced with soft acidity and a touch of refined phenolics leading to a lusciouspersistent finish.

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