5 Best Wines to Drink on a Beach Day... that aren't bubbles!

5 Best Wines to Drink on a Beach Day... that aren't bubbles!

Angelica Nohra
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

How much fun is drinking on the beach? There are only a few beaches in Sydney that I know I can go to, take a picnic blanket and some bega cheese squares and Jatz (I know, I'm super classy) and indulge in an afternoon of drinking and frolicking in the ocean. FYI, the saltiness of Jatz with a day at the beach is gamechanging (saladas also accepted)


What to drink though? I have a few rules...

  • No Cork because I want to know the bottle is sealed and wont get any sand in it, which is also why i don't like taking bubbles to the beach.    
  • Has to pass the second bottle test ie super easy to drink and finally 
  • has to be able to sit in ice and not have the flavour affected. With all that in mind...here are my ultimate go to beach day wines. 

1. Rosé 
ALL of the Rosé. #roséallday. They have to be dry but also a little fruity as obviously, I don't have a lot of food so I want it to be a little more interesting. It's actually why I love our Petula and Les Artz Rosé. They are easy to take around, both screw cap, both dry but both have so much character. These are definitely my number 1 go to beach wines....

2. Beaujolais/Gamay
On another note, some people don't like rosé and actually prefer red and trust me, I won't begrudge you on that. Summer to me = Gamay. Dirty, fun little beaujolais that I can chill down and enjoy in the summer sun. The only issue is sometimes I have no choice but to use a bottle that is under cork because you know....the french and all... they love their cork closure. However, this wine can be chilled down, still has enough tannin to cut through the fat of my chedder cheese and it always an absolute delight!

3. Lambrusco / Sweeter Red Wine
If you want red wine but just don't want the tannin, if you would prefer to drink something a little lower in alcohol, a little frizzante, get your hands on some Lambrusco and drink the afternoon away. It should ALWAYS be chilled in my opinion. We don't currently stock a Lambrusco but I do have the Primavera Rosso which is medium sweet and under screw cap...it's quite a hit on beach days, particularly when a BBQ is involved! 

4. Aromatic White Wines
From Pinot Gris to Sauvignon Blanc to Albariño. The less fruit sweet and more herbaceous the better. I really like Albariño on a beach day because weirdly, it just works well with salt water. You know the smell of beach right? I think Albariño is the perfect pairing! I highly recommend giving it a whirl. When I say Sauv Blanc, I do mean the pungent Marlborough Style rather than Sancerre. I feel sauv blanc can be drunk without food a lot of the time and the acidity also pairs well with salt water. Sancerre needs food. So, the more aromatic and acidic the better! 

5. Beer
ok... I know that's a bit cheeky but I can't help myself. A 6pack of stubbies, chillin' in an Esky, on a beach day with cheese and crackers is the ultimate in Living the Australian Dream. IF you aren't too fussed on beer, take some lemonade/Sprite with you and make yourself a little Chandy. Half Beer/Half Lemonade. It's really refreshing and you also take a lot longer to get through your 6pack. No stouts though. It has to be a Pale Ale, Lager, IPA or Sour...something refreshing that needs to be really cold that doesn't require food! 

So what are your favourite beach day wines? Let me know in the comments below!

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