Sangiovese: Why we love it and why it's the best grape ever.

Sangiovese - Why it's the best grape varietal ever! 

Angelica Nohra 
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker  

I'm going to make a very controversial statement. 

Sangiovese is the best grape ever. 

Yes. There is it. I said it. Que all the haters. 

However; I have my reasons and here they are.

1) It's the ultimate food wine

Hands down. Goes with everything. It's the greatest pizza wine on a Friday night. It's the greatest "chill on the balcony" wine on a Sunday afternoon. It's a crowd pleaser and there is nothing to not like about it. Sangiovese is famously high tannin and high acid so when you are having a greasy meal, it's perfect because it cleanses the palate. When you are having some cheese and crackers, it works too (as long as it's hard cheese). When you are having a piece of steak and veggies, it works. Sangiovese just works with food. 

2) It will adapt to the terroir wherever it goes

Whether it's in Italy or Australia or even America, Sangiovese will grow with that signature cherry aroma, chewy tannin and mouthwatering acid. Yes, I say Italians do it best because you can't go past a good Morellino di Scansano, Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino but Australia is really starting to produce some exceptional examples of Sangiovese as well. 

3) It creates some excellent blends 

As Sangiovese is so savoury and tannic, it goes really well with fruiter varietals like Merlot and Cabernet to make 'supertuscan' wines that age remarkably well and taste elegant and soft and can be aged really well. 

4) There are so many versions of Sangiovese in Italy to explore 

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Morellino di Scansano, supertuscans, how many more do you want to explore? I love how these wines age from a fruit forward style to this delicious herbaceous, tobacco, leather, mocha, floral style of wine. So interesting. Try them out. 

Must I go on? Basically, Sangiovese is the best. I highly recommend Sangiovese to people who are just starting to explore red wine as well as the alcohol is usually a little lower than other wines and they are much softer and more elegant than a lot of other red wines. 

Give our Borgo Cipressi Sangiovese and Sensi Collezione Sangiovese a try to understand why we love it so much! 

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