The Best White Wines to look for Under $25 dollars!

5 of the best white wines under $25 

Angelica Nohra 

Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker   

Today we're counting down our top 5 white wines that won't break the bank! 

5. Calappiano Pinot Grigio IGT Veneto $16.99

This wine is a true classic. Crisp, dry and herbaceous, just as the Italian's wanted it to taste. It makes it perfect with any kind of food, from a salad to a piece of chicken to pasta or even a fatty steak if you are so inclined. It has excellent acidity which cleans the palate after every bite of food. Definitely worth a taste. 

4. Sensi "Collezione" Vermentino IGT Toscana $19.99

Creamy and aromatic. This is one for the Sauvignon Blanc lovers who are looking for something else to drink but don't know where to start. Unlike Pinot Grigio, Vermentino has a lot more complexity, it has creamier acid so it goes perfectly with salty foods like anchovies, proscuitto or creamy carbonara with bacon. Yummmm.... any kind of oily fish pairs really well with Vermentino. So you will feel really healthy filling up with Omega 3s while drinking your glass of Vermy! 

3. Elysian Springs "Pennies from Heaven" Sauvignon Blanc, Adelaide Hills $24.95

I have a mission to get people to try things outside of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc... I'm sure by giving people a Sauv Blanc that is outside of the area is a good place to start right? Why do we love this? It's made in the French "Sancerre" style which is found in the Loire. This means the Sauv Blanc is aged in barrels to soften out the acidity and it creates a rounder, softer, smoother style of white wine rather than the high acid, pungent, new world style of Sauv Blanc. Give it a go!

2. Andeluna "1300" Torrontes, Tupangato, Argentina $24.95

The "Sauvignon Blanc" of Argentina. It's the aromatic white wine native to the country. It is wonderfully perfumed with flavours of musk, lychee and tropical fruit. It also has excellent acidity so it goes so well with kingfish ceviche. It might sound fancy but you need to give that combination a taste.

1. Terra Noble Classic Chardonnay $14.99

Labour must be cheap in Chilé. This wine, even though it's super cheap, tastes like it has been sitting in expensive, french oak barrels for quite some time. At this price, I know that is impossible so I assume there is a Chilean guy or gal who pulled the short straw who stirs oak chips through these tanks all day. It doesn't take like oak chips though. Its a remarkably integrated oak flavour that comes through this chardonnay. It's complex and interesting, buttery with nice minerality. Textbook chardonnay really. Worth a taste. 



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