Why END OF FINANCIAL YEAR is the BEST time to buy Vino!

Why END OF FINANCIAL YEAR is the BEST time to buy Vino! 

Angelica Nohra
Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker

It's that time of year again, when the stocktakes get done and we realise how much 'extra' stock we have. What do we mean? Well, according to the Australian Tax Office, stock on hand is added to your profit which means they can tax you more! Can you believe it? No? Well, it's true... 

So that's why everyone runs an EOFY sale...it also obviously helps with closing stock counts as well but truthfully, most companies would rather sell stock cheaper than pay more tax!

So we are doing the same! We will be running a few mystery case deals for odd stock, slightly damaged and overstocks. Obviously everything is still of exceptional quality, as it's all we do, but we need to sell sell sell. 

Why do Mystery Cases? We don't like people getting complacent. Drinking the same thing all the time does not encourage your palate to grow and change. We want to introduce you to interesting and weird wines from all over the world so why not do it in a mystery case? We start our mystery cases at $129 so at around $10-$15 a bottle, it won't hurt the back pocket either....and trust me, it's worth over $189!

So jump on board the EOFY train. It's a significant time to collect some wines leading into the holiday period as well and stock will also be limited. If you know anyone else who loves to experiment with different wines, we would love to hear from them too! Have them sign up as a member on our site and the best part? You will receive a coupon code for doing so! 

Happy EOFY!

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