Biggest mistake when Cellaring Wine

So lately, on TV, there has been an advertisement for a certain builder who does immaculate kitchens. However, I am unable to take any notice of the kitchen as my eye is drawn directly to the fridge and the wine that is stored above it. Is this how you store your wine? At the risk of offending, If you do, please stop it.

Wine should be stored at a constant temperature and trust me, the top of your fridge is not doing that.

Further, wine should be stored without much vibration. As the fridge whirs and the door opens and shuts, would you agree that would cause some vibration?

I know there is all the benefits of utilising the space above your fridge but please, there has to be a better way! You are better off taking a cupboard from under your sink away and replacing it with a Vintec or some other wine fridge. Or putting a wine fridge in your laundry.

I guess if you live in a household where wine doesn’t last very long, then perhaps I’m overreacting. However, if you are trying to keep a bottle of Grange or Brunello in a stable environment for a few years, this is a sure fire easy way to ruin the bottle before it’s ready to be opened.

Rant Over.

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