Why New Zealand's Marlborough region should be known for more than Sauvignon Blanc

Angelica Nohra

Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker


I've just returned from a wonderful trip to New Zealand's Marlborough region and while I cycled through the vineyards, I was remarkably impressed with the range and quality of wine there. I have fallen into the trap of believing Marlborough is just about Sauvignon Blanc but I was pleasantly surprised by the incredible range of ALL aromatic varieties within the region.  

I've always been against corporate brands. I think they do a lot of damage to a region and the Marlborough is a good example of this. When people think of the region, they think Cloudy Bay, Oyster Bay, Nautilus, Squealing Pig, Matua..but honestly, there is so much more to the area.  

I've been importing Kono and Tohu from the region and the Awatare micro climate for a couple of years now and one thing I've always loved about them is the HEART they put into the wine. It tastes like someone cares about the wine rather than just the money.  

Here's something I've learnt about this incredible region.  

While Marlborough is primarily known for producing world-class Sauvignon Blanc, it also produces other varietals such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Gris. In fact, some wineries in Marlborough specialise in these other varietals and have gained recognition for their quality and distinctiveness. The cool climate and diverse soil types in Marlborough make it an ideal region for producing a range of wines with different flavour profiles and characteristics. 

Marlborough produces a range of other varietals in addition to Sauvignon Blanc. Some of the most common varietals produced in the region include: 

Pinot Noir: Marlborough's cool climate and clay soils are ideal for growing Pinot Noir grapes, and the region has gained a reputation for producing elegant and complex Pinot Noir wines. 

Chardonnay: Marlborough's Chardonnay wines are known for their crisp acidity and fruit-forward flavors, with notes of citrus, stone fruit, and tropical fruit. 

Riesling: Marlborough Riesling wines are known for their lively acidity, floral aromatics, and flavours of citrus, apple, and stone fruit. 

Pinot Gris: Marlborough Pinot Gris wines are aromatic and rich, with flavours of pear, apple, and stone fruit. 

Syrah: While less common than the other varietals, Marlborough Syrah wines are gaining recognition for their full-bodied, spicy character and dark fruit flavors. 

In addition to these varietals, Marlborough is also experimenting with other less common varietals such as Gewürztraminer, Viognier, Albariño and Grüner Veltliner. 

Is it your time to start changing your perception on Marlborough? Jump onto the Tohu Range and see how incredible this region really is. 




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