5 Wines you must have to get through a lockdown!

Angelica Nohra

Wine Importer | Wine List Consultant | Speaker


So, Sydney has been plunged back into a Lockdown...sorry not a lockdown... we have Stay At Home Orders because NSW doesn't do Lockdowns... 

Anyhow, I've worked out the code. After two weekend stuck at home, I have worked out the wines that are a MUST HAVE to get you through. There is a reason for each wine so please, indulge me for a moment!

Why? You need to find reasons to celebrate over the next two weeks. Did you get a workout done? Did you actually read a book rather than binge on Netflix? Did you actually manage to entertain the children while on School Holidays AND get all your work done for that job you have? 

Say it with me... ANY. EXCUSE. WILL. DO! ANY. EXCUSE. WILL. DO!!

Currently, I have a Magnum of Champagne Henri Abelé on ice, a bottle of Lombard Premier Cru Extra Brut and a bottle of each the Abelé Rosé and Lombard Rosé in the fridge. I'm ready for as long as it takes!

There is something about cracking a bottle of riesling at 5pm. I'm not sure what it is but that crisp, mineral, citrus and bright acidity just helps the day transition from work to play. It's the perfect aperitif, especially something a little off-dry like the Tohu Single Vineyard Riesling. Absolutely delicious wine and I may or may not have already worked my way through a few bottles! 

I hold an interesting view that Merlot is one of the most interesting and versatile grapes that grow. I love them. During lockdown, I've stocked up on Merlot because I feel like it goes with everything without being too heavy and tannic. Right now, I am enjoying Marrenon Les Grains Merlot IGP Mediteranée because it has a little bit of age on it so the acid & tannin are smooth, it's not too fruity, it's heading more into tertiary characters like dried fennel and dried plums and it's great value for money! 

Old Vine Sangiovese
Like merlot, I think Sangio's are insanely good wines. One of the favs. As I'm using this lockdown to do a lot more cooking compared to the last one, I have some bold, old vine Sangiovese in my cellar right now ready to crack. Why? I need it to remind myself of the transition between week day and weekend. I have steaks ready to go to cook on Friday evening, to enjoy slowly with a wonderful bottle of Calappiano Collegonzi Sangiovese. We all need a reminder of "What day is it?" during lockdown so let's have something special to show that!

Finally, Malbec.
Why? To feel like we are travelling! What is it about Malbec that just transports you "somewhere" else? Grab a book, relax with a glass of wine and escape this crazy situation! Right now, I have the Andeluna Altitud Malbec sitting there ready to crack open at the right time... 

So there is my 5 must have wines to get us through this lockdown. Have you tried any? What are some of your favourites? 

Remember to also support your local restaurants with takeaway during this time! They need you! 

See you on the other side!





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