The Relapse

Ok…so I did REALLY well for a few weeks. I got to 21 days without a drink before I was invited down to Melbourne with a friend for the Start Up Smart Awards, she was nominated for a People’s Choice Award.

Which she won…

Which also meant it was time to celebrate at Siglo with other fantastic and inspiring winners! Which also meant a VERY nice bottle of Red was purchased and there was NO saying NO to that bottle. It was a 2004 Rockford SVS Flaxman Valley Shiraz. It will never be seen again apparently. It was extraordinary. A delicious hint of cedery oak, cherry and interesting confectionery notes. It was so smooth. Perfect drinking and exactly what I needed after 3 weeks without a drink.

Don’t worry though, once the husband found out I had a drink, he said I had to now go one extra day of the alcohol fast!

Give me strength.

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