I drink wine everyday, am I an alcoholic?

I love wine. I drink a glass 4-5 times a week and enjoy both new experiences and "old faithful go to's". I can be a snob when I need to be but I'm pretty open to all experiences. When I was being particularly loud at a recent event, I was asked by 2 people close to me if I think I may have a problem with alcohol....how very judgmental! Particularly because I'm one of those people that struggles to filter the words that come out of my mouth with or without a drink.  My personality is no reflection of the wine I drink....just for the record.

Plus, I have a reason to drink...Quite simply, it's for research.

At the moment, I am studying my Level 3 WSET certification and this has really increased my vino drinking in the name of "research". Yes, that's right, RESEARCH. Research in that I'm appreciating the wine more and more rather than just drinking for the buzz. I'm learning more about the world of Chablis, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Tempranillo, Assyrtiko and many more weird and wonderful wines. The old world specifically, has my attention at the moment.

At the Sydney Italian Food and Wine Festival last weekend, I tried quite a few Italian varieties that I hadn't even tried before as well! It was very eye opening (and a way to cement how the wines we sell are such great value) and it helped to show how Sensi Wines are really focusing on flavour profiles of the New World rather than the Old World, whilst being traditional. Quite extraordinary. Also it was imperative for me to RESEARCH those wines because otherwise, how am I to know where the wines we sell sit in the marketplace?

Plus, alcoholics will take anything right? I exclusively drink wine and beer...a gin when there isn't any decent wine on the menu and now, due to my hectic schedule, I have taken a liking to Espresso Martini's simply to kickstart my system at a party when all I want to do is SLEEP. For the majority of it though, just wine and beer....only European beer too as it doesn't leave you with a sick, bloated feeling the next day.

So there....Research. Happy to go on a months detox to prove to everyone I can do it by the way. I've done it before, I can do it again....I'm not a dependent. Just an avid researcher.

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