Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show 2014 Wrap Up

Wow, what a weekend in Brisbane!! Qlders sure know how to come out and get on the drink. We always have a good show but this one blew our mind!

The Calappiano Prosecco Brut seemed to be the big hit. What am I saying “seemed”? ugh…it WAS the big hit. We actually SOLD OUT of it by Friday afternoon!! We ended up taking about 6 bottles and hiding them for people to try it the next day. Let’s play a game. It’s called Spot the Difference! The first shot was taken before the show started. That handsome devil is Scott, my other half. The second shot is taken around 4pm on Friday…can you see much difference?


Brisbane LOVED the bling. Also, when people are thinking about Christmas, I guess the Gold Bottle is something a little special.

Saturday was, as is at every show, ridiculously hectic! Thankfully, Scott’s sister and my friend were there to jump in and help us sell sell sell! People were thirsty for what we had to offer, something a little bit different to the norm!

Saturday afternoon was great because Nick Ryan (wine writer for Gourmet Traveler Wine) and Dave Brooks (Vinofreakism) chose the Sensi “Mantello” Sangiovese/Shiraz to show off during their “Odd Bots” session in the Riedel Wine Theatre. Their comments were lovely and it was great to see the Sensi Wine getting some love from some wine superstars in this country!


Nick Ryan from Gourmet Traveler Wine- “I really like that wine. I see that distinctive Sangiovese fruit profile, that dry cherry character that I immediately see as Sangiovese. It has that classic Sangiovese high toned acid and the Shiraz just puts some flesh in that Sangiovese frame. Putting a bit of junk in its trunk, giving it curves and some flesh, making it a little cuddlier than a straight Sangiovese…It’s great!”

Awesome result!

Sunday was a lot slower thank goodness because Scott and I were both exhausted from a night at Oktoberfest which was happening at the RNA showgrounds!! It was slow enough that we also had time to each leave the stand and walk around and try some wines ourselves which was fantastic! We found some beauties from the Barossa and to put it simply, we spent our profits on more wine…we really need to stop doing that!

The best part? Well, we only had 60 bottles of wine left after the three days. Not a bad effort considering we took over a pallet of stock! Thank you Brisbane, you sure know how to impress!!

We will be in QLD again for the Gold Coast Food & Wine Expo in January/February 2015! You can find out more and purchase tickets for that by clicking here.

Until next time!

Cheers…to vino!


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