When your tastebuds have no idea!

People may know we do a LOT of wine shows...it's our way of going deep into the market to see what people are saying about the wines and to see what wines work best in each area. 

Many other companies think we are crazy for doing all these shows but little do they know how much fun we have at them. 

It is also a way to see that it gets to a point after a few wines when people have NO idea what they are drinking. 

I recall a funny occasion when a guy approached my dad, his glass was stained red..he had obviously had a few samples. He said "I want to try your best sparkling mate" to which dad replies, "in that glass? mate, you must have an amazing sense of taste if you can taste sparkling after that but ok!"

Dad pours the guy a taste of our Calappiano Prosecco Extra Dry...."you will love this sir" he says...

After a taste, the guy says "nah, don't like that...what else you got?" 

"In sparkling?" Dad asks. 

"yes, let's continue sparkling" he replies. 

"Absolutely sir" Dad replies and pours him the Calappiano Prosecco Extra Dry "this is much better, our next level up sir" 

"That's a bit better..." he replies "what else you got?"

"Actually, you know what, I think I know what you would love" and pours our Calappiano Prosecco Extra Dry 

"oh yeah!! That's the one!! How much is that?"

Same Wine...3 Times...3 different reactions. 

Yes, dad got the sale. 

Why am I telling you this? It proves that at these big wine shows or on tours, you get to a point where you can't tell the difference anymore...everything tastes ok. Have you ever gotten home after a day of wine tasting, bought a whole bunch of wine from the last place you went to and then tried it at home and hated it?....my point exactly. 

It also proves that Italian Wine shouldn't be tasted after Australian wines. In the above scenario, the gentleman had been drinking big reds from the Barossa before coming back to try Italian Wines. Italian's are a lot softer. They should be at the BEGINNING of any wine tasting as it's hard to come back to them....the reason this guy loved the Prosecco after the 3rd taste was because he had to reset his palate to the subtle Italian style...

So next time you are at a wine tasting, please start with the Italian Wines....then move up! Please...for everyone's sake hahaha

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