Science told me to Drink Wine!

Science told me to Drink Wine!

Is anyone else sick to death of health-freaks telling you that wine isn't good for you? Well nothing really is but unless you are choosing a life of lettuce and cabbage, we have to eat and drink right? I believe if you are going to drink your calories, don't waste them on bad wine by the way...always drink good wine, life is too short!

However, to all the haters out there, here are 7 SCIENTIFIC reasons to drink I'll be here, with my glass of wine if anyone needs me. Of course, Wine needs to be enjoyed in moderation...don't go stupid with it...but that's like anything really. Excess = Bad!

  1. Wine can help your cholesterol as it boosts HDL (the good stuff) levels in the body while preventing the LDLs (the bad stuff) from damaging the arteries *Booyeah!*
  2. Red wine slows the growth of breast and prostate cancer cells while potentially keeping oral cancer away too! Apparently, the same phenolic compounds that lower heart disease risk also may slow the growth of breast cancer cells, according to findings reported by scientists at the University of Crete in Greece in the June 2000 issue of Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. Phenols also were shown to suppress the growth of prostate cancer cells.
  3. Drinking wine can slim your risk of osteoporosis. 
    A report in the American Journal of Epidemiology in April 2000 showed that women who drank 11 to 29 grams of alcohol a day -- the equivalent of one to three glasses of wine -- had greater bone mineral density, measured in the hip region of their thighbones, than nondrinkers or heavy drinkers. Bone mineral density is the measure physicians use to determine bone strength and resilience.
  4. Resveratrol, an ingredient found in red grape skins, protects blood vessels and helps to eliminate blood clots. It can also help get rid of wrinkles ;) as resveratrol protects the body from ageing!
  5. The Polyphenols found in red wine are excellent antioxidants that mitigate harmful bacteria and prevent your body from certain illnesses and diseases. They help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, improve your immune system, combar harmful bacteria and prevent cancer! The flavonoids in red wine are also antioxidants that are known to be able to lower risks of cancer.
  6. Wine dilates the arteries and improves blood flow, which reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease.
  7. Red wine has the ability to reduce your risk of developing dementias. Again - good ol' resveretrol comes to the rescue! However, not all grapes are created equal. White wine contains resveratrol but not as much as red and scientists believe Pinot Noir grapes have the highest concentration of the compound!

    So there it is! The other awesome thing about my little friend Resveretrol has just been discovered by Principal investigator, Jason Dyck of the University of Alberta Canada. He found high doses of resveratrol in mice improved physical performance, heart function and muscle strength. Therefore, it showed similar results to what you would see from extensive endurance training! Can anyone else say WOOHOO? Again, the key is moderation so 1-2 glasses night for men and 1 glass a night for woman....

    So next time anyone tells you wine is bad for you, share all this with them! 

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