Lost Reds of the Rhone Valley - Wine Experience

Lost Reds of the Rhone Valley - Wine Experience

Welcome to Your Wine Experience!

The Southern Rhone doesn't get as much love as it's northern sister. People are fast to buy Cotes du Rhone, Chateneuf-du-Pape and Croze-Hermitage but what about the other delicious Shiraz and Grenache from the south?

The Luberon and Ventoux regions all sit within a national park which means no spraying is allowed, leaving them as natural as possible. Each of these wines are also picked from single vineyards so truly express the terroir of the region.

The Orca and Grand Marrenon also have wonderful ageing ability. The Les Grains is simply a wonderful, kick ass Syrah that goes beautifully with food and Sunday bbqs. 

Hit play and let's taste as we go 'In the bottle' 

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