Gold Coast Food & Wine Expo

I have to admit something….when I told a lot of my wine colleagues I was doing the Gold Coast Food and Wine Expo, they scoffed and told me it would be a complete waste of time…

Well, when they ask how I went, I’ll tell them to stay away because the show was amazing based on the fact there weren’t a huge amount of wineries. What does that mean for us? Well, less competition. Yes, there were 4 different Italian Wine stands but that didn’t deter us from having a fantastic 3 days. The one thing I have to say about Sensi is that it’s a brand that is the right price and is highly drinkable! People went crazy for it and we ended up meeting alot of fantastic people who took some Sensi home for their dinner table.

One thing I found interesting was the demand for Preservative Free and Organic Wine. People on the Gold Coast must be becoming very conscious of their health. I wrongly assumed it would be a weekend of my favourite phrase “do you have anything sweet?” but I was wrong. (by the way, I love that phrase because we have the BEST Moscato on the planet and I love introducing it to sweet wine drinkers) I was grateful to have our Sensi “Ninfato” Sangiovese with no added Sulfites and Sensi “Campoluce” Organic Chianti because they are both fuller bodied, spicier yet affordable Italian Wines that present really well. They were an absolute HIT! Have you tried them yet?

So my question is, are you concerned with preservative free or organic wines? What is intriguing you at the moment? Would you drink “Vegan” wine?

What I also found interesting at this show is the amount of Detox teas and drinks that were being shown off. Health and wellness products making their way into the Food & Wine Expo?! At first I thought, ‘hmm, i don’t want those things here because it will make people feel guilty about drinking wine and eating too much food”….lucky my thoughts were incorrect :-)

It got me thinking about the balance in my life…do you drink everyday? do you have days off? Do you eat and drink really well all week and cheat all weekend? I kept asking myself, WHY oh WHY do I love wine so much? it would be so much easier to drink less of it if I didn’t love it so much!

Oh well, that’s just me! Let me know about the balance in your life!



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