Wine Daily and Keep the Waistline!

Today we explore 5 ways to keep that body looking hot even though you want to wine daily!

  1. Alcohol = Sugar - keep an eye on the alcohol content!

    There are many assumptions that red wine has less calories than white. This is a mistruth. The calories actually come from the alcohol content as well as how many grams of sugar per litre are in the wine!

    A gram of alcohol has 7 calories compared to a gram of carbohydrate (sugar), which has 4 calories.

    e.g. In a standard 100mL glass of Italian Sangiovese or Pinot Grigio with 13% alcohol you can expect around 115 calories per glass.

    This also means that some sweet wines, as they are lower in alcohol, do not have as many calories as full bodied Aussie reds. The issue is though, because they are sweet, you find it easier to drink more! So be aware of the alcohol content and make your decision from there.

  2. Like Bubbles? Stick to Brut or dryer!

    Did you know there are different levels of sugar added to sparkling? Here is a quick lesson.

    Brut Nature (aka zero dosage) = 0-3 grams/litre
    Extra Brut = 0-6 grams/litre
    Brut = 0-12 grams/litre
    Extra Dry = 12-17 grams/litre
    Sec (dry) = 17-32 grams/litre
    Demi-Sec (off-dry) = 32-50 grams/litre
    Doux (sweet) = 50+ grams/litre

    Notice the difference between Extra Brut and Extra Dry! Most Prosecco is Extra Dry so take note!! If you want to look after that waistline, choose Brut and Extra Brut.

  3. Moderation is key!

    I know this sounds boring but its the truth! It's okay to have a glass a night, don't go drinking a bottle a night. When you are out with friends, ask for spritzers e.g. Half glass of white wine with some soda water and ice so you are not consuming the amount of calories you would from drinking too much wine!

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