Quirkiest Wine Trivia

I'm happy to admit that I am someone that knows a little about everything, not a lot about something. I am also that person who knows random facts about things people don't care about...but I love it!

Here are my a few of my top wine trivia.
#1 The phrase "drinking to your health", comes from Ancient Greece where a party host would drink the wine first to check for poison
#2 Legend says wine was discovered when a Persian woman tried to take her own life by eating fermented grapes, thinking them poisonous. She apparently went back to the Persian King feeling rejuvenated and full of life...sounds about right!
#3 Due to possessing a greater amount of Congeners, red wine gives a worse hangover than white wine. Congeners are a toxin created during the fermentation process for some alcohols.
#4 The worlds oldest bottle of wine dates back to AD325 and was found inside a Roman Sarcophagus in Germany.
#5 "Wine" is mentioned 521 times in the Bible
If you think there are any I should add, let me know by commenting below!

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