The Perfect Wines to drink during Summer!

The Perfect Wines to drink during Summer!

Oh Summer, my favourite of the 4 seasons. The long days, the balmy nights, the weekend bbqs and never ending Cricket and Tennis on the television. 

Summer is life. 

Summer is also the perfect time to enjoy the continual rise of Rosé in Australia. 

Rosé, particularly those from the southern Rhone/Provence region, are just perfect for the Australian climate. I tend to go for more premium rosé rather than anything at the $10-$15 mark though. The reason is mainly because I prefer rosé with a little more complexity and finesse/elegance. A lot of the cheaper ones have quite volatile acid that doesn't sit very well with me. 

Another amazing wine for summer is Prosecco. It's light, it's fruity and its super affordable. I tend to go for a Brut style of prosecco rather than the Extra Dry (the Extra Dry has more residual sugar) because I prefer dryer sparkling. However, the extra dry is perfect for refreshing cocktails during the summer season. Try mixing elderflower liquor and mint with your Prosecco...delish!

During summer dinners, I love to start with a bottle of Champagne. I don't tend to drink Champagne while sitting in the sun at a bbq. I feel champagne is the perfect wine to start a proper sit down dinner. A standard NV that hasn't had much time on lees is great for summer whereas the longer on lees, I find works better during cooler months. 

Something you may not expect me to say is I love a chilled Chianti/Sangiovese or Pinot Noir during summer! These wines have quite a soft, fruity profile when enjoyed lightly chilled and I really enjoy it during a summer BBQ that involves a lot of meat dishes. 

Finally, I opt for two white wines that are truly underrated in this country. A Vermentino and a Torrontes. Creamy and Aromatic, easy to drink and perfect with seafood (BBQ Prawns and Vermentino is amazing! Or, try a Torrontes with Ceviche!)

Try them out for yourself. I highly recommend our Petula Rosé, Andeluna Torrontes, Sensi "Collezione" Vermentino and Sangiovese, Calappiano Prosecco Brut and Henri Abelé Champagne NV to get you through summer!


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