Top 5: Best wines from Sensi under $25!

Top 5: Best wines from Sensi under $25!

What's your everyday drinking price for a bottle of wine? $10? $20? $30? 

We always find $20 is the sweet spot for the 'everyday wine' drinking category. We also believe Sensi Wines are the best 'everyday drinking' wines. So, why not compile a list of our favs in that price point?

5. Sensi Toscana Rosso IGT $11.99
A delicious table wine. Produced with Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot grapes.A ruby-red colour and a well balanced velvety taste. it is fresh and fruity with hints of cherry and other red fruit.
The balance, aroma and flavour of this wine is far superior than the price suggests. 

4. Borgo Cipressi Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOCG $14.99
Inky blackish-purple with a garnet edge. It s fresh and ripe with subtle black cherries and delicate hints of spice and something like tart cranberries in the flavour; a luscious soft sensation on the first taste quickly gives way to mouth-watering, food-friendly acidity that lasts into a long, clean finish. This is one excellent Italian red.

3. Calappiano Prosecco Extra Dry DOC $22.99
Fresh, clean flavour, with a perfect balance between the acidulous and sugary elements. Persistent on the palate with a soft, mouthfilling fizziness. Superb when served before any meal as an aperitif, for better valuing the delicate, mouthfilling aroma of its persisting bubbles.

2. Sensi "Collezione" Vermentino Toscana IGT $19.99
Let this little beauty tantalise your taste buds with its mouth filling firm, creaminess! Enjoy with salty fish, creamy pastas or just in the sun on a beautiful Spring Day!

1. Sensi "Collezione" Sangiovese IGT (particularly the 2015 vintage) $19.99
It has a ruby red colour, a full and rich taste, a good body, is soft and velvety with traces of vanilla and tobacco in the finish. Luscious plum, dried berry and rose petal aromas. Medium-bodied with velvety tannins.



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