Top 6: Australia's Best Wine Tasting Events

How awesome is it to try wines before you buy them? You truly start to create a personal connection with the wineries, the stories, the's a wonderful thing. You fall in love with wines you have never heard of and brands that are small....we love it. 

There are a few festivals that we highly recommend checking out if you are a wine-lover or just learning! We only chose 6 but my goodness, there are soooo many.

These are rated on value for money, atmosphere, amount of wineries present and just a generally good time! 

6 Pinot Palooza 
Pinotphiles rejoice. This is a remarkable display of Pinot from around Australia, NZ and key regions around the world. It happens all over Aus and we love the fact you don't feel there is a huge push to have to buy from the vendors. It is great value with wonderful masterclasses, not too many people so you can spend time with the winemakers. 

5 Italian Wine and Food Festival Melbourne and Sydney
The ultimate Italian Wine masterclass. It is broken up in regions and there isn't an overwhelming amount of wines from each region. Its a great way to try the best of the best and you really feel transported to Italy. Again, amazing masterclasses are available.

4 Hunters Hill Food & Wine Festival 

For a gold coin, charity donation, you sit in a beautiful park with live music, fun acts, wine by the glass and so much food. There are wineries present from all over NSW and some from overseas (like Sensi). It's just a wonderful day out, even if you have the kids. Grab a picnic blanket, get the friends together, eat, drink and be merry. 

3 Food & Wine Festival Central Coast 

Like the show above, this is an awesome day out for the family and your friends. Big communal tables are set up so you can enjoy wine and beer by the glass, there are loads of food vans so you can try different things and it doesn't cost more than $5 to buy a commemorative tasting glass and spend the day drinking, eating and listening to tunes. It is a show with a party yet chilled vibe and we enjoy showing off our wines there. 

2 Good Food and Wine Shows across Australia 

Of course the GFWS had to make the list. All the best of the best wineries from across Australia and in some cases, the world make the pilgrimage around to each of the shows. The only reason it wasn't number 1 is because over the weekend, it gets so crowded, you don't feel like you have had time to see everything. We like that there has been a push for healthier food alternatives entering the show as well recently so you don't feel the need to reach for 'carnival food'. For $35, its a great day out! 

1 Taste Champagne 

Our FAVOURITE wine tasting event. Champagne Lovers, you MUST visit this show. It's about $100 but once you are inside, you can taste over 150 cuvees from large and small houses around Australia. It is magical. Don't delay though, you only have 3 hours!! So move move move! Tickets are very limited as well and sell out super quick. 

What is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below:


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